From Bob:

I am honored by the almost 2,500 residents who voted for me to serve on the Arlington Select Board. Residents deserve a choice in who they want to have as their leaders. Our campaign provided much more than a choice. I love this community and we have lots to be proud of but Arlington is not without issues that need to be addressed. I had the privilege to hear from home-owners and renters, business owners and retirees, parents and young adults and all have their own concerns and questions that deserve our attention. I offered myself as someone who though will collaborate with others to get a goal accomplished would not be afraid to be the lone vote against an item I was not in favor of.

Let me take this opportunity to publicly congratulate our newly elected Select Board Member Steve Decourcey.   On election night I called both Steve and his wife Mary to concede the election and wish them well. Before I pulled papers to run for office I had Steve on my short list of residents to potentially be part of my election committee. Steve and I both served on the town finance committee and I have admired his contributions starting with a public presentation he gave at the Ottoson many years ago to his annual review and discussion of the Minuteman High School budgets. Steve has the personal character and commitment to Arlington that will serve us all well. One of the compliments I received during the campaign was that Arlington can’t lose no matter who was elected as most hold high regards for both of us. Even our volunteers were especially friendly to each other on street corners, meetings and all around town. I hope to work together with town leaders for the betterment of Arlington and when we disagree we are respectful to each other and our individual thoughts or ideas.

I am thankful to everyone who helped support me in so many ways and since the election with such positive affirmations. Jimmy Tingle, the comedian of 60 Minutes television fame and more, recently ran for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. His regular campaign speech included how he would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. I have been doing these works of Mercy along with visiting the sick, honoring the dead and giving alms to the poor all my adult life and will continue to do so with some humor to help as needed.
With heartfelt thanks,

Bob Tosi Jr.

14 Inverness Road


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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I just want to thank everyone associated with Team Tosi and all who attended for a Great Rally this past Sunday.  We had a full hall for all three hours.  It was amazing!  (Nancy White was the door prize winner.  Congratulations Nancy!)

We had 6 great speakers that motivated the group.  I appreciate all of their kind words and their support.  I also shared my own remarks on why I want to be elected to the Arlington Select Board.  The whole room was doing the chant: Time for Tosi!  Time for Tosi!  Time for Tosi!  It is Time for Tosi and I am ready for the challenge.

Bob Tosi

Announcement of Candidacy, February 2019

My deep appreciation of Arlington Public schools began in 1973 when my parents moved to Arlington from Somerville and I enrolled in the historic Locke School. My commitment to advocacy and community activism, which became an integral part of my life (though I didn’t recognize it as such at the time) when fellow students and I marched around Arlington Town Hall to protest the closing of the Locke School in 1981. I later attended the Ottoson Middle School and Arlington High School, which were also great schools.

While in Merrimack College in 1987, I ran for Arlington Town Meeting Member and have proudly served for 31 years. After graduation, I was appointed to the Arlington Finance Committee to work on the annual budget review and served for twelve years.

So many Arlington citizens contribute their time and talents to make a better community. Arlington is very fortunate to have so many volunteers, and I am grateful to be a part of that effort.

My contributions include serving on the Council on Aging for 14 years and chairing the council for three years, volunteering at the Food Pantry and the Senior Center, and serving on the Town’s Tourism Committee and Economic Development Committee. In addition, I served on fifteen other civic, fraternal, religious, and community organizations.

When not serving the citizens of Arlington, I work at Minuteman Senior Services as a Care Manager. In this role, I assist older adults and their caregivers get needed services and support so these older adults can live comfortably in their homes and can flourish.

It is now time for me to bring my decades of experience and commitment to the Arlington Select Board. Always approachable, both as a Candidate and as a Select Board Member, I look forward to hearing YOUR concerns and issues.

I’m honored to serve Arlington and hope to continue my service as a member of the Arlington Select Board. I’m asking for your VOTE on April 6th and support to make this happen. It’s time for Bob Tosi!

Robert L. Tosi Jr., Inverness Road

Thank you for all that voted for Bob Tosi for Selectman in 2014 and encourage everyone to vote for Bob Tosi to be a member of the Select Board in 2019.

Only 33 VOTES kept Arlington from getting someone new, Bob Tosi, to be a member of the Select Board.  Someone with integrity and a fresh perspective. Every vote really does matter since Bob would have been the newest member of the Arlington Select Board if just a little over 1 additional voter in each precinct gave Bob a vote.  This is unbelievable, but true. Bob did a fabulous job and ran a very respectable race.  He surprised many, but it was no surprise to the Team Tosi Supporters. 

For those of you that voted for Bob, supported him, or helped the TOSI Campaign in any way,

Bob sends his deepest thanks and appreciation. 

Team Tosi

Again, Arlington unfortunately lost by only 33 votes….  We want Bob to be your voice to help Arlington. Please write to us and tell us how you can help be part of the solution.  Thanks!

Regards,  Lisa Tosi Sasso, Campaign Manager


Welcome! Bob Tosi is a passionate, driven, lifelong Arlington resident. Bob is the consummate public servant and truly gives of himself every day both at work and in all of the civic, fraternal and religious organizations that he is actively involved in.

Bob is different. He wants to hear from you. Bob wants to know your thoughts, issues, concerns and suggestions for Arlington. Please take a minute to email Bob directly. Share with him if you are in support of his running for this important position and also what is on your mind regarding Arlington. Bob is working for the people and encourages people to reach out to him.

The 4 words that clearly identify Bob correlate nicely to his last name TOSI. When you think of Bob remember:

Trustworthy Open Sincere Involved

Support Over Generations Invested in Our Children Leader on Senior Issues

Voice for the People

Bob will work hard to support all the people of Arlington. He is committed to education and maintaining the best town school system available. Bob supports keeping, renovating and maintaining all seven elementary schools. Education of our children is a top priority.

He is equally devoted to serving the needs of our seniors. Bob recently served on The Arlington Council on Aging Board and was the Chairman for three years. He continues to advocate for long term planning that could provide a more appropriate senior center space for our residents who have sacrificed all their lives. Bob also understands the fiscal constraints facing families today and wants to ensure all of these goals are achieved within our means.

Bob’s desire is to be on the Arlington Select Board so he can give back and serve Arlington in an even bigger way. He wants to leverage his 31 years as a Town Meeting Member, 12 years as a Finance Committee member as well as his experience gained working in other town organizations to improve the overall quality of Arlington. Please see Experience page for a complete listing of Bob’s contributions to the various civic, fraternal and religious organizations.

Please don’t leave this website without either sharing an Endorsement about Bob or sharing an issue or problem that you want to see raised or addressedDon’t be afraid to share your thoughts as well as possible solutions, It is vital for Bob to hear from Arlington residents so he can really understand their concerns.

Bob Tosi is the Candidate that wants to hear from you!

Please come to my Meet and Greet Campaign Rally on March 3rd, 2019.

Bob and his family at his Rally at the K. of C. in 2014

Other pictures and video are on the Events page.