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  • Beth Ajalat

“I have known Bob through his work at Minuteman Senior Services.  His compassion, dedication, and professionalism far exceeds his job description.  Due to Bob’s vast experience, he is the person to go to with questions about Arlington resources.  He is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of seniors, their families and his co workers.  In the eight years he has been with Minuteman Senior Services he has chosen not to take Arlington clients to avoid any potential conflicts.  Bob is a leader, a friend, and the man for the job of Selectman.

Robert ‘Bob’ Tosi’s commitment to Arlington can be best exemplified in the variety of groups and activities where he humbly involves himself in and shares his expertise.  … .  I have never met a more committed individual who works so sincerely to create positive change for Arlington. … Bob Tosi, a leader who has a passion to serve. “

  • Nancy Arena
  • Sheri Baron

“Bob Tosi handles handles himself professionally and is a genuine human being who deeply and sincerely cares about Arlington and has the record to prove it.    He speaks with clarity and exhibits a knowledge and understanding of all of the important issues that our town faces.

He will bring a balance of intelligence, compassion and 31 years of hands-on experience to the Select Board. He is genuine.”

  • Kristen Bauer

“I trust Bob Tosi to listen to all and act with integrity.”

  • Stu Belden
  • Eugene Benson
  • William R. Berkowitz
  • Mary Ellen Bilafer
  • Ann & Dick Bowler

“We have know Bob for years both from St. Agnes Church, the Food Pantry and St. Vincent de Paul.  He is a wonderful person and we support him.”

  • Marilyn Bruno
  • Tony Bruno
  • Art Budnick

“Bob Tosi walks the walk.
It seems he’s been doing this all his life… it’s called caring about our community.
…  His is a commitment to our community that includes both the young and elderly. Taken together it’s called hands-on experience and taking responsibility to move our town forward. I think he would make a great member of the Select Board.”

  • Sarah Burks
  • Thomas Caccavaro Jr
  • Mary Cheevers
  • Frank Ciano
  • Joseph Cipriano
  • Mara Klein Collins, Past Chair Arlington COA

“Bob Tosi is an advocate for seniors – at work, the Council on Aging, and personally. Vote for Bob Tosi Jr.”

  • Marianne Comeau

“When I think of Bob Tosi, it makes me think of this word: Caring.   Bob will go out of his way to help anyone who needs it.  Bob is well respected in the town by both the youth and the seniors. For years he has taught the CCD Confirmation class and is valued and appreciated by his students. In fact, some have even said he was the best teacher that they ever had.  Bob will make a great member of the Select Board and he will be there to help everyoneo Bob, strong on money, not a quitter. A true mentor to both the young and old and church. Bob: strong on money, not a quitter.   A true mentor to both the young and old and church.

  • Joe Connors
  • Dick Contantin

“We need someone who will be a gatekeeper for the control of the expenditures of our town. That’s where we need someone with Bob’s experience with civic and philanthropic activities and as a lifelong resident to keep our town financially strong.”

  • Tom Cravotta
  • Maureen Crewe

“It is hard to believe Bob has given his time and energy to so many charities in Arlington and it is hard to imagine anyone else that has given more.  But his dedication to Arlington’s well being goes deeper when you think of the time given as Town Meeting Member (31 years), Arlington Finance Committee (12 years), and a volunteer for Arlington Seniors (29 years) including Council on Aging Board and past Chairman to name a few. These are just a few reasons why I hope you join me on April 6th in voting for Bob Tosi, Jr. for our Select Board.”

  • John Cronin
  • Dick Cullinane
  • Tricia Cullinane
  • Joanne and David Curren

“Bob will lead us in Arlington into the future …”

  • Evelyn Smith Demille
  • Marc Dohan
  • Donna Dolan
  • Mike Dolan
  • Christopher Doyle

“Bob Tosi is a caring, compassionate and intelligent man, willing to listen to all sides of an issue. He is a person of integrity, an independent voice, who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions and seek answers to them. “

  • Ethel Doyle

“Bob will be a true representative for all of Arlington. His credentials as a dedicated public servant are well documented: participation in local government, commitment to youth, dedicated advocate for our seniors, caring outreach to those facing life challenges and proud supporter of our local character and heritage.”

  • Patrick Doyle
  • Carol Driscoll
  • Nancy Feeney

“As a mother of two teenage daughters; I feel confident that Bob will lead Arlington in the best interests of all residents, including our youth.  Bob Tosi has my respect and he has earned my vote. Please join me in voting Bob Tosi on April 6th.”

  • Tim Feeney

“I support Bob because of his years of demonstrable acts of community involvement throughout Arlington.”

  • Matt Ferraro
  • Deborah Ferraro


“Bob is definitely familiar with town issues, having served for years as a member of Town Meeting, the Finance Committee, and the Council on Aging Board. Bob and I both served on the Finance Committee which is a demanding position where you really understand the towns budget. I served there for 6 years and Bob doubled my service with 12 years of commitment so I can firmly attest that he is a forward thinking leader and one with first-class integrity. I am confident that Bob Tosi is the member of town Select Board.  Arlington needs and I hope you will join me in giving him your vote on April 6th.” (Former School Cmte Member, Former Finance Cmte Member)

  • Andrew Fischer
  • Ann FitzGerald, Past Chair Arlington COA

“Bobby, Bobby, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, nobody can.   Go Bob!!”

  • Frances Florencourt

  “Whatever issue concerns you, Bob will work for you because he cares.”

  • John Frederick

“I have known Bob Tosi for over 10 years through Saint Camillus Parish. He is involved in so many activities in our parish, specifically as a lecturer and Eucharistic minister. Please join me and vote for Bob for the Select Board on April 6th.”

  • Peter Fuller
  • Kurt Fusaris

“I consider Bob a friend and more importantly, a true friend to Arlington residents.  He is intelligent, he’s a great listener, has a great sense of humor, and he has a pragmatic and even-keeled approach to the issues.  He is not a politician. He’s just an all around good guy that you know will always work for you.

I’ve known Bob a few years, Bob is a humble, sincere, all around nice guy who puts all Arlingtonians first. He is the closest thing we have to a town diplomat; ambassador of good will.

Our second endorsement goes to Mr. Bob Tosi. … (click here for full endorsement below)

  • Lee Gera

“Bob is a great guy and is a great asset to the town.”

  • John Gibbons

“I  have  been  associated  with  A-SNAP, Inc.  since  my last  year  of  Arlington  High  School  in  November  1971.  I  know  the  work  you  have  done  for  Special  Needs Community  as  evident  by  your  showing  up  at  our  events  and  been  a  recipient  of  our  Community  Service  Awards  on  behalf  of  Special  Needs  in  the  Arlington  Community.”

  • Nancy Gilligan
  • Stephen Gilligan
  • Colleen Goode
  • Ed Gordon
  • Maureen E. Gormley
  • Julie Gowdy

“Bob, with all your incredible experience, you are sure to win.  So proud of you.  Happy to support!”

  • Angela Grady

“I have known Bob for about 13 yrs and I work with him at Minuteman Senior Services.
Bob is one of the best people that I know. More people should be like Bob. I really like Bob!”

  • Larry and Susan Greco

“Bob is a man of impeccable integrity, steadfast dedication, caring compassion, and tireless energy. The only special interest group that Bob represents is the town of Arlington and ALL of its members.”

  • Carol Greeley

“Bob is one of the most compassionate, well educated, sincere and committed individuals I have had the privilege to know. He reminds me of the devotion and love my late husband, Brian Greeley, had for the community. Bob will be a great asset to the Select Board in this town and I’m proud to be supporting him in this endeavor. “

  • Linda Guttman

  • Lynn Hanatin
  • Madison Hanatin
  • Virginia Harrington
  • Emily Hartung

“Vote for a kindhearted, strong, perseverant voice for Arlington’s people. Vote Tosi for the Select Board.”

  • Charles Hayes
  • Bonnie and Bill Hayner, current member of School Committee

“Bob is a man who listens and helps where needed. He has been a friend and help to the Special Needs community of which my sister is a member. He also works at the Arlington Food Pantry with her. He has also helped us when needed.”

  • Mary Hilt
  • Gwenyth R.A. Hooper
  • Timothy M Hughes
  • Robert Hurley
  • Tung Huynh

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with Bob on volunteer activities for the past year. He would make an outstanding addition and independent voice on the Select Board.”

  • Maureen Jackson

“Bob Tosi has worked his whole life to make Arlington a great town to live, work, go to school, drive and shop in. He has helped make Arlington a wonderful place to grow up in and to grow old in. Bob is one of our towns most dedicated volunteers. He knows firsthand all about Arlington. Bob has given years of service as a volunteer to Arlington’s youth and senior population. That is why I am asking you to vote for Bob Tosi for the member of the Select Board on April 6. I am confident he will do a great job as a member of the Arlington Select Board and will do his best to keep Arlington a town we can all be proud of!”

  • Donna Janis

“Bob is nobody’s rubber stamp. He’ll ask the hard questions and will ensure the Board is provided with full facts and cost/benefit analyses where needed to make properly informed decisions.

Bob will fight for the taxpayers, and under his stewardship the needs of residents and business owners will receive both attention and respect.”

  • Pete Kenney

“Bob is a man of integrity who will listen to his constituents. You can be sure his actions will be in support of all Arlington citizens. He will definitely not cater to special interests, that’s not in his character. “

  • Asia Kepka
  • Tom & Melissa Kerins

“Bob Tosi’s hard work and determination for his fellow man is only outdone by his commitment to the Town of Arlington.   We met Bob over 15 years ago when we first moved to Arlington. At that time he was active in consolidating St Jerome’s Parish and St. Camilla’s Parish due to the closing of St. Jerome’s. There were socials and meet and greets set up and Bob was a major influence in successfully bringing these two churches together. The success of this spawned many successfully annual events and the Church community is thankful for his past and on going efforts.

Like many of you I have seen or have been the recipient of Bob’s great works first hand. He led the Knights of Columbus and had one of the best Jubilee event in Knight history while overseeing multiple other charitable events. His tireless work at the Arlington food pantry and Boys and Girls club are inspiring and renews faith in your fellow man. But Bob is not just some do gooder looking for a pat on the back. That is why I am writing this. Bob is a very humble about his many many accomplishments. He is a financially smart democratic leader in our community. His 31 years as Town Meeting Member, 12 years on the Finance Committee, 13 years on the Housing Corporation & 12 years on the land trust speak volumes to the wealth and depth of fiscal knowledge he has of our Town. Please join us in supporting this amazing candidate for Arlington Select Board on April 6th.”

  • Catherine King
  • Christian MacQuarrie Klein
  • John Kneeland 
  • Dick LaPlante
  • Jason Leatherman
  • Daniel C Leclerc
  • Debbie Lewis

“Bob helps me at Food Pantry and any other time I need help.  Keep Arlington Clean for both young and old. He helps at church and Food Pantry.”

  • Elisabeth Logan
  • Shannon Logan
  • William Logan, Esq.

“Bob is very involved in the community as evidenced by his participation in over 18 different public and private organizations in Arlington including: Boys and Girls Club, Council on Aging Board,  Finance committee, Food Pantry, Historical Society, Land Trust,  Housing Corporation, and Vision 2020 to name a few.  I believe, with all the years that Bob has spent in organizational leadership roles, his experience makes him a fine candidate for the office of Select Board.”

  • Elisa Lopez
  • May Low

“No doubt that you will bring the integrity, intelligence and kindness that you exemplify at MSS to the Select Board.”

  • Eugene Lucarelli

  • Ann MacGowan
  • Susan MacGowan
  • Phyllis Maddox

“Bob will do a good job!”

  • Jody Maimonis

“Bob Tosi is out best and only choice! The absolute best!”

  • Nancy A. Mara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marshall
  • Joe Marshall
  • John A. Martin
  • Tosi Matthew
  • Lia McEnaney
  • Laurence O. McKinney

“Bob Tosi has demonstrated his concern and his capabilities in a score of challenging activities and responsibilities, most of which are there to serve people and make life better for them. Anyone who goes to work each day to help those who are least able to help themselves is the sort of person we need on our board. …”

  • Marian Mead
  • Beth Melofchik
  • Joan Milano

“Bob Tosi is a good guy.  Bob is an honest person and a man of integrity.  We need more people like that in our government.  Arlington is lucky to have him.  Good luck Bob, you have my vote for Select Board.”

  • John Millea

“I have known Bob for quite a few years and he is all he says he is.  It is a pleasure to know him and realize how hard he works for people in capacities many of us are unaware of.  I strongly support Bob in this effort.”

  • Joanne Morel

“Bob is one in a million.  To know him is to love him.  He is not your typical politician.  He cares about the schools, the elderly, and, most importantly, the people.  He wants to be our voice.

He is running for member of the Select Board because he truly cares about Arlington. As a lifelong resident of Arlington for 81 years,  I fully support Bob.

I really believe that Bob Tosi is the best candidate for the Select Board. He has always been on the side of all the citizens of Arlington. Bob will be an independent thinker on the Board. Please vote for Bob Tosi on April 6th.”

  • Jim Munsey
  • Linda and Paul Olsen

“Arlington has benefited from Bob’s hard work, caring nature and commitment to making Arlington a special community. His willingness to step up whenever there is a need is matched only by his proven effectiveness in getting things done. Bob is all about including people. In making decisions, Bob will consider the entire community. My husband Paul and I are happy to support him. He will make good judgments.
Now is the time to elect Bob Tosi.”

  • Pat Oppedisano

“Arlington is fortunate to have someone of your Bob’s caliber: honest, conscientious and there to help the people of Arlington in every way possible.”

  • LeeAnna Pallett
  • Matthew Pallett
  • Paul Parise

“A truly independent voice!”

  • Ted Peluso
  • Dick Phelps
  • Sharon Prizant
  • Patty Powers
  • Robert Powers

“I know Bob as a man of integrity and fairness who will do the hard work necessary to keep Arlington on the right track. I hope you will join me and my family and supporting and electing Bob Tosi Jr. on April 6th He will get the job done. Thank you.”

  • Sylvia Press

“So excited for you and Arlington. You will make an excellent member of the Select Board.   You are perfect. Arlington will be lucky to have you.”

  • Elizabeth M Pyle

  • Bob and Sheri Radochia

“Bob is truly be a full-time member of the Select Board. Bob is in touch with the needs of all residents and he cares.”

  • Paul Raia, Arlington COA Board Member

“Tosi, a man for all ages – in Arlington. Bob Tosi for the community as a whole.”

  • Kathleen Rezendes
  • Michael Ruderman

“Bob has the rare combination of the head and the heart.”

  • Daniel F. B. Ruiz
  • John T. Sasso

“I have known Bob Tosi for about 35 years.  I have always found Bob to be a hardworking, trustworthy and very involved.  Bob really cares about Arlington and also all of the people that live in it.”

  • Virginia Sasso

“As a senior myself, I know Bob really understands how this community needs to balance the desire to grow and provide the necessary services to its residents, but at a reasonable cost. For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Bob, I think you will agree that his most enduring quality is his moral character. He doesn’t just talk about what needs to be done — he does it. I hope you will join me voting for Bob for the Select Board.”

  • Paul Schlichtman,  member of the Arlington School Committee

“I watched the Select Board Debate on ACMI last night, and it cemented my opinion that Bob Tosi Jr. is my choice in the April 6 Arlington town election.
I have known Bob for 26 years, which means he was in Town Meeting when I moved into town. He has been part of the civic fabric for as long as I have known him. He has served on the Finance Committee, and he has been a 14 year chair, member, and associate member of the Arlington Council on Aging board.
Bob is one of those unheralded volunteers who do the behind-the-scenes volunteer work in town. He doesn’t do it for the credit; he is one of the most altruistic folks I know.
As a school committee member, I know that he has the fiscal background and the determination to work for funding for our schools and the Arlington High School project. He understands the heart and soul of our community is tied to how we come together for our children, and he will be a thoughtful partner when we build town budgets.
Leo Durocher once said, “Nice guys finish last.” I don’t believe it, and we can prove him wrong by electing Bob Tosi on April 6.”

  • Ron Sheehan

“I know that I am just one of the scores if not hundreds of Arlington citizens that Bob generously gives his time to assist. Bob and I both participated as youth in programs at the Arlington Boys & Girls Club. Serving as a mentor or as a corporator, Bob has given back to the Club, as he has to so many local causes. Bob is a brother of mine in the Arlington Knights of Columbus, but more importantly a close friend.
Bob Tosi is my first choice for Arlington Select Board. He really cares about the town and the people who live here.”

  • Paul Slonaker
  • Joan Sweeney Pct 17
  • Elizabeth Terry
  • Camille Tosi
  • Robert Tosi, Sr.
  • Carman Trischitta
  • Joseph Tully
  • Diane & Robert Valeri
  • Christopher Viveiros
  • Carl Wagner

“I support Bob for the Select Board because he remembers us. The existing residents and businesses, in a time when the town has forgotten its tax payers and history. Bob won’t turn us into an urban place; Bob will protect our history, architecture, and open spaces.”

  • Wendy Watson

“I have known Bob from his years of service at the food pantry.  He is very giving of his time and is always generous, sincere and dedicated.  He has my vote on April 6th for the Select Board.”

  • Janice Weber

“Bob is an honest, sincere and dedicated person and always carries through with his promises. Arlington needs a person of integrity on the Select Board.”

  • Nancy A. White

“In an age of clashing political parties, Bob is for EVERYONE.  We do need him now more than ever.”

“I can say with confidence that if you join me in making Bob Tosi your choice for member of the Select Board, you will choose an intelligent, experienced individual who has deep commitment to Arlington and its residents.
Are you worried about our town finances during these trying economic times? Be assured that Arlington’s funds will be carefully handled, thanks to Bob’s honest character and many years of experience on Arlington’s Finance Committee.

Bob Tosi is a man with good moral values who accepts all of his fellow human beings without judgments or complaints. He means what he says and he says what he means in a kind and sincere diplomatic manner. Is it any wonder that Bob brings out the best in people and helps to resolve issues? Please join me by voting for Bob Tosi as your choice for Select Board.”

  • Patricia R. Worden, Former Chair Arlington School Cmte

“I know Bob Through the Knights of Columbus, St. Agnes and other volunteer groups
Bob is one of the most honest, dedicated, and devoted individuals to the town of Arlington. Bob is totally dependable and very imaginative in forming and accomplishing best policies.

Good luck Bob.”

  • John L. Worden III
  • Donna Wren


  • Endorsements for Bob Tosi in 2012 and 2014

    “Bob is Mr. Arlington, I can see no other person
    better for the job.”
    Elaine Greene, Lanark Rd.

    “Bob Tosi has the right combination of qualities -dedication, energy, and experience in town government, a good heart, and an open mind – to make him a great Selectman for Arlington.”
    Peter Fuller, Kilsythe Rd.

    Experience counts!
    And what experience Bob Tosi would bring to the Selectmen’s desk.  Bob’s resume of volunteer experience in Arlington is unsurpassable.  He has devoted countless hours to this community – and especially to people in need.  His volunteer work at the Arlington Food Pantry, the Council on “Aging,  the Housing Corporation, the Boys and Girls Club  – plus his professional experience – places him in good stead to represent very well those constituents.

    “And his volunteer experience as a Finance Committee member and a Town Meeting member puts him in good stead to represent all of us.
    Bob’s gentle demeanor and his good listening skills are characteristics in demand for a good citizen representative.  Please give him one of your votes for Arlington Selectman!”
    Patsy Kraemer, Columbia Rd.

    I’m supporting Bob Tosi because the Selectmen positions in Arlington are one of the most important elected positions in our town and it’s important that we all have someone with Bob’s skills and experience on that Board when policy is set. Bob has shown in many ways through his volunteer work in the Town that he will make a great Selectmen.  Good luck, Bob.
    Hugh McCrory, Argyle Rd

    “Bob is a First Class Community Activist.”
    Bob Powers, Mayflower Rd  

    “Bob Tosi has demonstrated his concern and his capabilities in a score of challenging activities and responsibilities, most of which are there to serve people and make life better for them. Anyone who goes to work each day to help those who are least able to help themselves is the sort of person we need on our board.”
    Laurence O. McKinney, Foster Street

    “If you vote for Bob Tosi you will get a knowledgeable, loyal & committed individual. He is dedicated to Arlington and to any group, activity or roles that he partakes in and to all people. I am excited to endorse Bob Tosi as the best candidate for Arlington Selectman.”
    Marianne Comeau, Fisher Rd.

    “To anyone that does not know him, I will tell you that he is not just a knowledgeable man. He is someone that will listen to your ideas and make it happen. Trust me I do not know this just from the ACMi ad but from knowing him personally. He is a kind, caring, and giving gentleman. Bob Tosi is a great asset to this town of Arlington and any organization he helps. Bob Tosi belongs to be selectman for Arlington.”
    Joseph and Frances Cipriano, Drake Rd.

    “I am a lifelong resident of Arlington. I have never actively supported anyone running for political office. However, I feel strongly about endorsing Bob. He cares very much about Arlington and does so much serving the Arlington Community; I know he would be an excellent Selectman”.
    Marilyn Bruno, Mayflower Rd.

    “I know that I am just one of the scores if not hundreds of Arlington citizens that Bob generously gives his time to assist. Bob Tosi is my first choice for Arlington Selectman. He really cares about the town and the people that live here. He has been there for me for over 35 years and his caring nature is unparalleled to anyone I know. Please join me in giving my friend Bob Tosi, your vote and support for Arlington Selectman”.
    Ron Sheehan, Winslow St.

    “Bob Tosi’s most enduring quality is his moral character. He doesn’t just talk about what needs to be done-he does it. I have always found Bob a great listener, wanting to understand the issues & make informed decisions that are in alignment with his reason for being. Bob is my 1st choice for Selectman.”
    Virginia Sasso, Foster Rd.

    “Bob Tosi was a classmate of one of my sons (James) at AHS and I have followed his progress since he graduated from Merrimack College. His accounting experience and years of working on the Arl. Finance Committee will be invaluable on the BOS. His service to Town Meeting has been exemplary as have his charitable work for the Food Pantry and St. Vincent de Paul Society. But particularly superior are his care and attention to seniors’ issues.”
    Patricia Worden, Jason St.

    “Bob is a fiscally smart, down to earth honest guy. He would be a great asset to Arlington’s Board of Selectman.”
    Tom Kerins, Keats Rd.

    “Bob Tosi is my first choice for Selectman. I have worked with Bob on several committees over the years and have seen first-hand Bob’s commitment to the people of Arlington. His proven dedication to the seniors of our Town is evident. Bob understands the needs and challenges that face our senior population. He is uniquely qualified to make decisions which impact not only seniors, but all citizens of Arlington. Please cast your vote for this excellent and qualified candidate. A vote for Bob is a vote for all seniors in our Town.”
    Ann MacGowan, Mill St.

    “Bob has been a friend and help to the Special Needs community of which my sister is a member. He also works at the Arlington Food Pantry with her. He has also helped us when needed.”
    Bonnie and Bill Hayner, Putnam Rd

    “I am supporting Bob.”
    Bob Scoppettuolo, Magnolia St.

    “Bob Tosi, He Walks the Walk. It seems he’s been doing this all his life…it’s called caring about our community. His commitment includes all generations. Taken together it’s called hands on experience and taking responsibility to move our town forward. I think Bob would make a great Arlington Selectman.”
    Arthur Budnik, Washington St.

    “Bob Tosi has had to make hundreds of decisions for more than a quarter-century as a Town Meeting member, respecting his constituents and their concerns. For 12 years, he has helped to create our town’s budgets and has made tough decisions with clarity and thoughtfulness. He has volunteered countless hours of his time to groups where sensitive, personal issues required a compassionate, intelligent listener with the ability to offer thoughtful input and leadership.”
    Thomas Cravotta, Raleigh Street

    “As is lifelong resident of Arlington, Bob has demonstrated time and time again his dedication to our community and all the people who live here, young and old.  His background in business administration, particularly accounting, along with the work he has done on the Council on Aging, the Boys and Girls Club, the Food Pantry and Special Needs clearly indicates his commitment to all the residents of our Town.  When experience counts, count on Bob Tosi.”
    Anne Donovan, Massachusetts Ave.

    I can say with confidence that if you join me in making Bob Tosi your first choice for selectman, you will choose an intelligent, experienced individual who has deep commitment to Arlington and its residents.

    One of the many excellent attributes about Bob is the way he can relate to people of all generations. This is revealed in his sincere dedication to young people as a religious education teacher and his devotion to Arlington’s seniors by his service on the Arlington Council on Aging Board. He has also served as a Town Meeting member for 24 years.

    Are you worried about our town finances during these trying economic times? Be assured that Arlington’s funds will be carefully handled, thanks to Bob’s honest character and many years of experience on Arlington’s Finance Committee. Bob also volunteers for the Arlington Food Pantry. Bob willingly gives so much to Arlington that I honestly wonder when he has time to eat and sleep!

    Bob is an active and supporting member of several community organizations such as the Arlington Historical Society and the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum. Bob enjoys attending every meeting and event that he can, nearly all of them. As a docent and photographer for the Dallin Museum, I can attest to that fact. The Dallin Museum has several photo albums of events such as gallery openings and statue unveilings. Looking through the albums, there is Bob. Turn a few pages. Oh, look, is that…? Yes. It’s Bob Tosi. Open another album. You guessed it — there’s Bob.

    Bob Tosi is a man with good moral values who accepts all of his fellow human beings without judgments or complaints. He means what he says and he says what he means in a kind and sincere diplomatic manner. Is it any wonder that Bob brings out the best in people and helps to resolve issues? Please join me by voting for Bob Tosi as your first choice for selectman on Tuesday, April 10.“
    –Nancy A. White, Summer Street

    Why should I or anyone else give Bob Tosi one of our two votes for Selectmen In the upcoming town election on Tuesday April 10th?
    I am voting for Bob based on three basic fundamental principles that I feel all candidates should be judged by in this election. They are Character, Community Service and Experience in Town Government.

    I know Bob to be a good and decent person. He is a person of faith. He believes in the creed that we are all called upon in this life to love God and to serve others.  He is a caring, concern and compassionate person. This claim is supported by his twenty-two years as a Lecturer, Extraordinary Minister at St. James, St. Camillus and St. Agnes. He has assisted in Confirmation and Catechist Programs. He has participated in numerous fund raising activities to serve the poor, the needy, the elderly and the sick in our community.

    Bob has been a volunteer at the Arlington Food Pantry at the Episcopal Church Of Our Savior on Marathon St., for ten years. The Food Pantry provides food and other household items for over 400 Arlington families each month. Each month the number of families in need is growing. Bob has been a member of St. Agnes Church St. Vincent de Paul Society Conference for eight years and is the current Vice-President. This Society offers person-to-person service to the needy and suffering in our community and beyond.

    Bob is currently a member and formerly an associate member for the past seven years of the Arlington Council on Aging, serving as Chairmen of the Council for the past three years. He has been a senior citizen volunteer for over twenty-two years. The Council on Aging provides a wide variety of programs for our seniors ranging from transportation, wellness support assistance and a host of other programs that assist our growing senior citizens population.

    Bob has been a member and a volunteer of the Housing Corporation of Arlington for six years. The (HCA) is a non-profit community development organization devoted to providing affordable housing opportunities and homelessness prevention solutions to low-income households in our community.

    Bob has been and still is involve as a Corporator and former mentor at the Arlington Boys & Girls Club for seven years. He has participated in the Club’s Mission to promote, protect and provide a healthy, safe and creative environment that supports and builds the self-esteem and enriches the lives of our youth and others in our community and beyond.

    Bob was a member of the Arlington Finance Committee for twelve years. This committee makes recommendations to the Town Meeting on all fiscal matters pertaining to the town. This committee, over these many years, has played an enormous role in keeping and maintaining the fiscal integrity of the town, in the face of many challengers. Historically, this committee has been made up of some of our brightest and most dedicated citizens. Bob has benefited from his experience on this committee and from his twenty-four years as a Town Meeting Member.

    Based on Bob’s belief, that one is called to be of service to others before self, and his record of community service that attest and confirm that belief, one of my two votes for Selectmen will be for Bob Tosi Jr.  I hope you all will feel the same way.

    As far as the other candidates running for the office of Selectmen: They are all good people. They deserve our thanks for their willingness to serve our community. They deserve our thoughtful consideration for this important office.


    As citizens please stay informed and involved in the life of our community.  An informed and involved electorate breeds intelligent voting which is the very essence of our democracy. Please vote. May God continue to bless our country and our community.”
    Jack Bowler, Central St.

    “I have known Bob for a number of years and without hesitation wish I could vote for him. His honesty and values are what make him standout from the crowd.  With him in office I would be at ease knowing he will do the right thing. Please vote for Bob Tosi, a man of the high virtue, honesty and judgment.”
    Martin Sklar

    “Bob is not the “usual” type of person who goes into politics for fame or self interest.  Bob truly loves people and enjoys finding solutions to community problems.  He works tirelessly on projects that are dear to his heart and that will benefit the community.

    Bob’s sense of humor is another one of his great assets, diffusing potentially difficult situations.  Bob’s moral character and work ethic are beyond reproach. Bob’s steady presence and work ethic are assets to any project he lends himself to.

    Bob is a role model and mentor to countless people.  He is a mentor to my two teenage boys.  He always remembers their birthdays, church milestones, and special events in their lives.  He never makes a promise he can’t keep.  I am Bob’s cousin and have watched him become a person I am proud to call a family member.  I enthusiastically support his candidacy for Arlington Selectman.”
    Joanne Meyer, MOT, OTR

    “Bob’s qualifications should not be measured by the volume of his voice – he is modest – but by the overwhelming number of relevant organizations and activities in which he has participated and demonstrated leadership.”

    “I have been watching the candidates for Board of Selectmen, and I’ll share my opinion on the two candidates I think are best for Arlington at this

    Who comes in second this year is a much tougher prediction to make.

    My vote goes to Bob Tosi. Why?

    Bob Tosi is smart, experienced, more qualified than anyone running this year, and more qualified than anyone serving on the board now.

    I’ve had the chance to meet him a few times now. Early on in the campaign, where Joe Curro would fill a room, Bob Tosi tended to melt into the
    background. That has changed as the campaign has gone on, but it’s still clear Bob Tosi doesn’t relish the limelight. One thing that has not changed as the campaign as gone on: look at Bob Tosi’s eyes while he’s thinking about what to say, and you’ll see there’s a lot going on in there.

    If you haven’t yet, you HAVE to go and take a look at his experience:

    24 years on Town Meeting. 12 years on the Finance Committee. Review his resume, and you’ll see someone who has been giving to his community, not in order to network or position himself, but because giving to his community is part of who he is.

    What’s more, if we take this opportunity to seat him on the Board of Selectmen, I believe he will continue to serve for as long as we’re willing to keep him there.

    Who else can that be said of? This is an opportunity to place a real anchor on the Board that will approach the work of the town with a sober respect for the responsibility, and a keen eye toward how our town works.

    I believe this is a forward looking election. We’re making decisions about where we are going more than where we have been.”

    “Bob and I are fellow Town Meeting (TM) members, though he has served on TM for nearly 20 yrs. longer than I have.  He was raised in
    our town, while I have lived here only 9 years.  I have enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with Bob, since I first learned of his candidacy. Bob’s opinions on issues of importance to our town are well thought-out and specific, informed no doubt by his many years of experience serving not only on TM, but also the Finance Committee, Council on Aging Board, and in many other volunteer posts.  While clearly understanding Arlington’s key issues in depth, Bob is a most careful and respectful listener to others’ concerns and points of view.    Such open-mindedness is something we have a right to expect in our elected officials. At Bob’s campaign kick-off rally, I was really touched by the devotion he has earned from his family, friends, and fellow Arlington residents / volunteers, who described many examples illustrating his integrity, kindness and (again) long history of productive
    volunteer service.  Bob’s service has focused not only on our town’s government and its cultural assets, but also on vulnerable populations including the hungry, those with special needs, and the elderly.

    I was very impressed to learn, too, that Bob’s commitment to helping others led him to redirect his career to seek additional credentials and to then work professionally on behalf of seniors.  Bob most certainly is one who, as another endorsement put it, “walks the walk”.   I am happy to give one of my two votes for Board of Selectman to Bob Tosi, and I hope very much that
    my fellow Arlington voters will join me in supporting him, too!

    Post on The Avocado March 29, 2014

    “… Our second endorsement goes to Mr. Bob Tosi. We gave him our vote of confidence two years ago as well. As alluded to earlier, Mr. Tosi brings more dedicated volunteer experience in town than just about any other candidate for any office in recent memory. Arlington voters pay close attention to candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to our town in other ways. Nobody can question Mr. Tosi’s dedication to Arlington. His campaign slogan is not only clever, but it also honestly describes the man he is. Mr. Tosi is indeed (T)trustworthy, (O)pen, (S)incere, and (I)nvolved. If he looks a little uncomfortable up there at times, it is only because he is not accustomed to promoting himself. Bob always has and always will promote others. If you look up the word “selfless” in the dictionary, you will probably find Bob’s picture. He gives so much of himself to this community and he is truly interested in the ideas, questions, and concerns of residents. Bob’s voice will bring even more moderation and independence to the Board, and he is a proven independent and open-minded thinker, so you can be confident that what is being advertised is exactly what we will get. When he says he is a voice for all people, he includes everyone – whether they are senior citizens, children, life-time Arlingtonians, or new residents in town. We know he is sincere on this point because he already spends every day being that voice for all residents in a variety of different capacities. Bob will be the kind of Selectman that will always find the time to call you back or meet with you, because no concern is too small. He understands that while other Selectman may diminish or belittle your issue or concern, it is obviously important to you for some reason, so he wants to know more about it – whether it concerns a parking issue, an idea for a ballot initiative, etc. Bob is also a creative thinker and he is always coming up with new ideas, such as his proposal for a new community center, a volunteer fair, and much more. Bob is always going to the important meetings and forums in town. He does not get up on a soap box or look to get his name in the paper. Instead, he takes the time to listen and learn as much as he can. The Avocado editor is a strong proponent of the arts in town and at various arts-related events and meetings, he has always seen Bob in attendance. Bob understands how our town can flourish with a strong investment in public art and other cultural or artistic endeavors. Bob is committed to our students and he is dedicated to making sure we renovate or rebuild the very outdated Arlington High School and that the process is managed properly. After the hubbub concerning the Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Project, it will be a reality. Without Bob on the Board, the project could become an unmitigated disaster. Whether you supported the project or not, Bob will make sure it is managed appropriately on behalf of residents, business owners, and patrons. In the future, when it comes to other issues that rise to that level of importance, with Bob on the Board, he will make sure that everyone feels their views are adequately heard and represented from the very beginning of the process. Given Bob’s experience on the Finance Committee and as a long-time Town Meeting Member, he has a strong grasp and knowledge of the town’s fiscal situation. He understands the challenges and the opportunities this presents and he will work as a team-player with the rest of the Board, the Town Manager, and other departments to ensure that we deliver the highest quality services for all residents while being mindful of budget constraints. As an outside-the-box thinker, Bob will not be able to fix our long-term structural deficit, but he will push for new ideas that can help us improve and sustain long-term fiscal stability. On Bob’s website, the Avocado recently wrote: “(Bob) is intelligent, he’s a great listener, has a great sense of humor, and he has a pragmatic and even-keeled approach to the issues.  He is not a politician. He’s just an all around good guy that you know will always work for you and put your concerns first. He is the closest thing we have to a town-wide diplomat and ambassador of good will.” There are many who like Bob and for very good reasons. However, some think that this may not be the year given that he is up against two strong incumbents. We beg to differ. Having run before and come very close, now is the time to make sure we elect Bob. He has earned this opportunity and Arlington has earned the chance to benefit greatly from his service on the Board. The Avocado supported Bob two years ago, but our endorsement of Bob this time is even stronger. Arlington richly deserves and needs Bob on the Board. To steal from a certain campaign slogan from about six years ago, “Now is his time…now is his moment” and Arlington needs Bob now. …”

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